Despite information telling a different story, Governor Paul Lepage proclaimed during a radio interview this morning that he was one of the biggest reasons the show fell apart. According to the Bangor Daily News, LePage claimed that he "...might have had something to do with that because I got hundreds of complaints about the show. I had more to do with that being canceled than any sting operations.”

The sting operation LePage is referring to has come under great scrutiny in recent days. Several articles from Maine publications, including the Portland Press Herald,  have criticized an elaborate sting operation that took place in Allagash and then the subsequent lack of transparency from the Maine Warden Service about the reasoning behind it.

LePage felt the sting operation needed to be questioned but wasn't keen on how it represented in various critiques. He claimed that his part in the cancelation of the Animal Planet show North Woods Law was because he felt the show cast Maine in a negative light.

LePage himself claimed that his office received "hundreds of complaints" about the show, however his office could not provide local media with any specific complaints or reasons the Governor should want the show canceled.

So here's the question, did you want the show canceled?

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