Is there anything more quintessentially Maine than this? Other than excess flannel, Allen's and dropping R's, I'm not sure there is.

The Bangor Daily News reported on Maine Warrior Gym this morning, which just two weeks ago opened Maine's first axe throwing range, aptly named The Axe Pit. Patrons of the gym would be able to pick up axes, and chuck them at big targets painted on a wall of 2"x6" boards. Finally, a place where stress relief meets pure cabin-style slasher film terror!

Check out the awesome BDN video below, where we actually get to see the range in action:

The BDN writes that the range, which vaguely resembles a bowling alley with a whole lot of safety mesh wiring, is more for social activities than fitness. On The Axe Pit's website, they claim that it's a great place to bring friends, co-workers, and even a date! Because nothing says "I love you" like violently hurling sharp objects.

TriStar Pictures
TriStar Pictures

Well, actually...


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