For several weeks, Maine was experiencing an abnormal stretch of heat and humidity that left large portions of the state in a significant drought. It also left lawns across Vacationland dealing with a fungus that hadn't been seen in 30 years. If that wasn't enough, severe thunderstorms brought so much hail, some people had to haul out their plow trucks to take care of it. So hey Mother Nature, can we just have a little consistency?

The answer is yes, but only in the form of more heat and humidity according to Keith Carson on Twitter. This weekend will absolutely be packed with both, as temperatures should eclipse 90 degrees across several portions of the state. For lots of Mainers, a 3-day stretch like that is a perfect taste of summer, especially on a weekend. The problem this time? It doesn't look like the heat or the humidity plans on leaving any time soon.

Shared on Robert LaRoche on Twitter. the extended forecast models are calling for Maine to hold steady in a pattern that just hammers us with mid-80 degree days for at least the next week, perhaps longer. If you haven't filled up that cheap inflatable pool in your backyard yet, might be time to get on that.


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