Do you remember all the awesome summer oncerts that happened at The Ballpark in OOB? Between 1986 and 1997 there were 75 concerts. Big names too! AC/DC, Cher, Aerosmith, Whitney Houston, Van Halen, Fleetwood Mac, and many others. Even though the noise drove the town crazy, the shows at the Ballpark- called SEAPAC, and later the Maine Entertainment Center- were some of the biggest shows Maine has ever had. It's a big part of Maine's musical history. We've compiled a list of every show and hope it brings back good musical memories for you!


August 21, 1997-311

July 27, 1997- Rusted Root

July 22, 1997- Santana

June 30, 1997-Aerosmith and Johnny Lang

June 20, 1997 -Cheap Trick and ZZ Top

Aug 22, 1996- HORDE Festival with Blues Traveler/Lenny Kravitz/Rusted Root

Aug 19, 1996 -Hootie and the Blowfish

July 20, 1996- James Taylor

July 8, 1996 -FURTHER Festival with John Wesley Harding/Mickey Hart/Bruce Hornsby/Hot Tuna/Los Lobos/Ratdog

August 10, 1995 -HORDE Festival with Black Crowes/Blues Traveler/G. Love/God Street Wine/Ziggy Marley

August 6, 1995 -Van Halen and Our Lady Peace

August 25, 1994-Michael Bolton

August 22, 1994- Aerosmith and Collective Soul

August 19, 1994-Allman Brothers/Blues Traveler/Sheryl Crow/Traffic

August 6, 1994-John Mellencamp

July 23, 1994-Peter Frampton and Robin Trower

July 16, 1994-Steve Miller Band

July 15, 1994-Spin Doctors/Cracker/Gin Blossoms

July 3, 1994-Phish

July 2, 1994-The Moody Blues

June 13, 1994 -Meat Loaf

August 1, 1993-Blues Traveler and Widespread Panic

July 14, 1992-Billy Ray Cyrus

August 31, 1991 -ZZ Top and Extreme

August 30, 1991-Paul Simon

August 23, 1991-Damn Yankees

August 19, 1991- Rod Stewart

August 13, 1991- Alice Cooper/Judas Priest/Motorhead/Dangerous Toys/Metal Church

August 9, 1991-Whitney Houston

July 28, 1991- Weir & Wasserman with Hot Tona

July 27, 1991-Scorpions/Great White/Mr. Big

July 25, 1991-Steve Miller and Eric Johnson

July 14, 1991- AC/DC and LA Guns

July 12, 1991- The Doobie Brothers

June 29, 1991- David Lee Roth/Extreme/Cinderella

June 15, 1991-Poison and Slaughter

Sep 2, 1990- Extreme and Nevada Beach

Sep 1, 1990-Little Feat and Hot Tuna

Aug 21, 1990-Bad Company and Damn Yankees

July 29, 1990-Cher

July 26, 1990- New Kids On the Block

July 22, 1990- Heart

July 21, 1990-Crosby, Stills, and Nash

July 24, 1990-Fleetwood Mac

July 7, 1990- Blackfoot/Ten Years After/Nazareth

July 6, 1990- KISS/Slaughter/Little Caesar

July 4, 1990-Tracy Chapman

June 30, 1990 B-52’s and Ziggy Marley

June 29, 1990- Lou Gramm and Steve Miller Band

June 28, 1990- Whitesnake and Faster Pussycat

June 24, 1990-Motley Crue and Tesla

June 22, 1990-Aerosmith/Black Crowes/Johnny Lang

Sep 13, 1989-Jerry Garcia Band and Weir & Wasserman

Aug 12, 1989-Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman and Howe

Aug 8, 1989-Rod Stewart

Aug 6, 1989-Stevie Ray Vaughn and Stray Cats

July 29, 1989, Melissa Etheridge and Little Feat

July 21, 1989-Beach Boys and Chicago

Jul5 15, 1989-Bob Dylan and Steve Earle

July 1, 1989-The Allman Brothers

June 23, 1989-Stevie Ray Vaughn

June 6, 1989-Bon Jovi and Skid Row

Aug 25, 1989-Steve Winwood

July 29, 1989-Def Leppard and Europe

July 3, 1988-Bob Dylan and The Alarm

June 18, 1988, The Beach Boys and Roy Orbison

Sep 30, 1989-James Taylor

Sep 1, 1987-Crosby, Stills and Nash and Fabulous Thunderbirds

Aug 16, 1987-Stevie Ray Vaughn

July 11, 1987- The Moody Blues and Til Tuesday

June 28, 1987-The Beach Boys

Aug 6, 1986-Dokken and Loverboy

July 13, 1986-Willie Nelson

July 1, 1986-The Moody Blues and The Fixx

This is where you would first come in, with concessions stands. A little-known fact: bands often would hang out right in the front building (not always behind the outfield fences), so you probably walked right past all these superstars!

The mosquitos were horrible, but the music was always good at the Ballpark! You can see what's going on these days at the Ballpark HERE

Here's the whole Jerry show from 1989.


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