Our hero is back! Mark Curdo is staying on the WCYY airwaves for 100 hours to help raise money for the Center for Grieving Children. Mark won't leave the studio all week and he's been doing it that way for 12 years. Mark was quarantining before quarantining was cool.  Nothing stops Mark and Markathon!


Here's how Markatjon works. You make a request and a donation. Any song. Any genre. From Sinatra to Slayer to Snoop Dogg. If you've got 10 bucks, we'll take it. Got $100? That's fantastic. Over the years Markathon has raised over $560,000... one song at a time. It's the best week of Radio all year long! We just need you to make YOUR request....

Three ways to get ahold of Mark to make your request:

-Go to Zoom on your computer or Zoom app.

-Click on "Join a Meeting"

-Enter Meeting Code: 936-110-8165. The password is Mark. Then you're in direct to the WCYY Studio and Mark Curdo!


Herb Ivy


To give you an idea of what it's all about, here's a look back at Markathon 2018 with our friends at NewsCenter

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