Some are wicked familiar like Slugger, but how many of you know Spuddy Buddy?

Sports teams have mascots, including Maine sports teams (yes, they are included), but many businesses also have mascots. It's a way to make a connection with customers. Who doesn't love a mascot? Kids totally love them, but come on - if you see a human-size cow, you're gonna smile. I think if we voted for our favorite Maine mascot, Slugger would run away with the votes. But is there a mascot that's your favorite? Do you love seeing Miles the Moose because you know that the tourists are leaving (or coming)?

Some of the following mascots are typical, like Slugger, the oversized goofy animal, or giant something else. Some of these mascots are actual animals like the Sea Dog Brewing dog, or the cat that is up on Mount Washington. Some are objects like Cuppy, a giant cup of Dunkin' coffee...with legs!

Do you have a business with a mascot I didn't include? Let me know! I loved trying to find all of these mascots! Maybe there are some really cool ones I didn't catch.

How many of these 25 Maine business mascots have you seen or heard of?

25 Maine Business Mascots



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