I’m not even going to act surprised.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again that Slugger the Sea Dog is THE best mascot in the game. I’m talking about the best mascot out of both minor and major league games, all sports considered.

The Portland Sea Dogs’ mascot is more than just a sea dog that bops around the baseball field and hip thrusts on the dugouts, he is a member of our community that brings us together, elicits joy in every person at every game, and goes above and beyond to be the best mascot ever.

Even though I have a crush on him, I’m not biased. The nation agrees.

Slugger the Sea Dog Wins Mascot Hall of Fame Awards

If you’ve seen this dog at work, then you’re not surprised about this.

His season highlights are award-winning and awe-inspiring.

This guy is an artist, a dancer, a superhero, an athlete, a DJ, the list goes on. There is seriously nothing this dog can’t do.

Well, the nation has recognized his talent by awarding him Mascot Hall of Fame awards for the Greatest Community Impact and the Best In-Game Skit or Routine.

Slugger the Sea Dog is putting us on the map! Not only are we fortunate to have an incredible baseball team here in Portland but we also have a sea dog bringing us all together for positivity, laughter, and love.

This is the type of news I like to see. People (and sea dogs) should always be recognized for their hard work and Slugger deserves this!

I mean, just look at his work, I know you’ll agree:

35 Times Slugger The Sea Dog Amazed us With Killer Costumes

There's a reason he's in the Mascot Hall of Fame.

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