For 50 years people have looked to the top of a tall building in Portland to get the time and temperature, but with all the 21st century advances in technology are people not paying attention to it now? The time is wrong and it has been for a while.

I walk up daily from Commercial Street to One City Center and the whole way the time and temp sign is in clear view. I sometimes tend to be running a little late so keep my eye on the clock. About a month ago I notice that it was four minutes slow when I glanced at the clock in Monument Square.

10:33 or 10:37?

The clock in Monument Square clock is actually more modern than the Time and Temp sign. It was restored last year by the Portland Rotary club and now has a GPS that automatically keeps the correct time to the tick.

The Time and Temp sign was replaced in 1999 with a more modern version but it hasn't been without its problems. Four years ago it went dark when a circuit board needed to be replaced. It's often been known to stop updating the time until someone can reset it. Sometimes it shows the temperature on Venus

Rob Steele

I get it. Things break. Maybe it's running Windows 98. I don't know, but this one has me puzzled. After at least a month and a point when it stopped updating the time last week it still is somewhere between three and four minutes fast. Am I the only one who noticed?