I can't get enough of the Barstool x Maine drama. Portnoy's review of Otto's pizza in Portland was so cringy, it made his "Best of 2023" reel on Barstool Sports. Just beautiful. We love to see it here in Maine, Dave.

Here's the infamous Otto's pizza review, if you've never seen it. The cashier absolutely loses her marbles on Dave and can't control what she says to Dave when he showed up with Austin (his producer). She even suggests going to a "better" pizza place in town, and that's just ignorantly iconic.

Check it out:

Now that we've got that trainwreck out of the way, Otto's isn't the only pizza place in Maine Dave chose in his "Best of 2023" reel. Even Pizzaiolo in downtown Portland made it in there. Dave was unsure if he would have chosen to go there on his own if that chick in the last review hadn't advised him to. Either way, he's glad he found it.

If you haven't seen the Pizzaiolo review either, here it is:

Amazing. There is no comedy like Dave Portnoy's personality. It's amazing how before October of 2023, he's never once visited Maine for a review. By December, two local Maine spots make the honorable cut of being called two of his best.

Check out his full reel below. Just elite comedy. Maine thanks you, Dave.

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