New Hampshire is an amazing state to live in for a multitude of reasons.

Recent studies have not only identified New Hampshire as one of the best locations for raising children, but also one of the safest states and best places to find a job. Countless magazines and websites have written about our diverse and delicious food scene. Our towns are praised time and time again, both on a regional and national scale.

Now, we're shifting our attention to a study conducted by loveEXPLORING. The travel-focused website shared a list of the best family-friendly attractions in each state, perfect for families hoping to make memories together. The selection for New Hampshire is a popular theme park in Glen, New Hampshire, that's been cherished by generations of kids and adults alike.

Story Land in Glen, New Hampshire

Everyone loves Story Land. The theme and amusement park has delighted families for over 65 years, and is known as one of the best of its kind in the Granite State. Families visiting Story Land can enjoy over 30 attractions, fun-filled events, special dinners with beloved fairytale characters, and more.

Story Land via Facebook
Story Land via Facebook

You may remember visiting Story Land with your family growing up, or perhaps you've had the opportunity to make new memories with your own children. Nowadays, Story Land even offers special, 21+ Nostalgia Nights, where kids at heart can revisit their favorite attractions while enjoying adult beverages.

Story Land via Facebook
Story Land via Facebook

To learn more about Story Land, click here. In the meantime, here are some other popular tourist attractions in New Hampshire.

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