Global headlines were made on Thursday morning when Iceland's WOW airlines abruptly shut down all planes and services and closed up shop. The news caught many people completely off guard, including Portland, Maine band Weakened Friends, who had booked tickets to fly home on a WOW jet from Europe.

The band is not currently in Europe, but the tickets purchased were for a future flight home.

According to Weakened Friends on Twitter, the band themselves lost out on more than $1,100 worth of airline tickets and had to take to social media to ask for a little help as they attempt to find an alternate way back home. In replies to their original tweet, they state that even buying a dollar or two of their music will help them recoup some of the money that they are unsure they will ever see again.

The band posted a later tweet having a bit of a sense of humor about their unfortunate situation. We hope they find an alternate way to get back and find a some way to get their money back. If you can help them out by buying a little music or merchandise, we know they'd greatly appreciate it.

Correction: Due to a misunderstanding, the band Weakened Friends is not stranded in Europe. The tickets the band lost out on from Wow Air were for a future flight from Europe back to home.

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