Ok, it's official, you can put the shovels and snowblowers away. Our taste of Spring this week has been a welcomed change of feel across the state but in typical Maine fashion, Mother Nature may shoot us directly into summer with a heat wave coming next week.

Shared on Twitter by Keith Carson, when you see orange and red on a weather map, that usually means good things if you're a heat lover. While it isn't a complete lock quite yet, the weather models are calling for a super system to move our way from the South, and rather than bringing rain, snow, or something else that sucks, it'll bring sweet, sweet heat that should bring upper 70's and low 80's from Kittery to Madawaska.

So let's just skip Spring, shall we? Screw it! Bring on the beach days, the barbecues and the complaining about how it's too hot outside to do anything!

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