Well, we have a terrific run of sunny days and warm temps, right? The mild temperatures are going to be sticking around for at least the few days but make sure you pack an umbrella and a rain coat anytime you leave the house, because Maine is about to get dumped on from Mother Nature.

The EURO forecast model isn't favorable when it comes to amount of rain most of the entire state of Maine is going to receive. WCSH-6 Meteorologist Keith Carson shared this map on Twitter, Portland is staring at potentially more than half a foot of rain in the span of just a few days. By comparison, an average November would get close to 5 inches of rain for the entire month.

Robert LaRoche also took to Twitter and shared several different model maps that seem like Maine best be ready for an extremely wet stretch of days. As with all forecasts, nothing is set in stone and Maine's weather can always be fairly unpredictable.

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