Ever find yourself yearning for something to do? Maybe you're sitting at home on a weekend evening and wondering if everyone living elsewhere is having more fun than you. If you believe the results of a recent study by World Population Review, you might be right.

World Population Review pulled together a series of statistics to determine which states across the country are the absolute most boring. Unfortunately for Maine, many of those key statistics were unfavorable to Vacationland.

Maine's Older Population

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One of the key factors World Population Review considered was how many residents of each state were 65 or older. People in that age bracket tend to live quieter lives, and Maine's 65 and older population percentage ranked second in the nation.

Where are Your Neighbors?


Another major factor was population density. It's tough to have a raging party when your closest neighbor lives 45 minutes away. Maine ranked in the bottom ten when it came to population density.

Married...With Children

Two additional factors also went hand-in-hand. World Population Review weighted how much of each state's population is married, and how many households in each state have children.

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Maine ranked in the upper half of the nation in married households, but balanced that by ranking low in households with children. Go ahead and blame your married friends with kids for being boring.

All of those factors resulted in Maine being named the second most boring state in the entire country. Maine edged out the fun and exciting state of West Virginia, which came in dead last.


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