It happens to all of us at one point or another. You're driving along in your car singing out loud to a song on the radio when all of a sudden someone does something stupid and almost wrecks your car.

For most people that's the end of the story. They take a deep breath and calm down...maybe flip a finger.

For other people road rage can lead to serious injury and you just never know who is going to completely flip out and lose it.

That was the case recently in Topsham when two drivers had an altercation on the side of route 201 on Monday night.

The Portland Press Herald reports a man was hospitalized after a road rage encounter with another driver. Police say the victim and another driver pulled over on Route 201 in Topsham on Monday evening after a disagreement. Police Sgt. Robert Ramsay says when the 27 year old victim got out of his car, the driver of the other car ran him over and drove off. Police say the victim sustained leg trauma that does not appear to be life threatening. They have identified the other car as a red colored Ford Focus.

An investigation into the hit and run is ongoing.

Let's all just calm down...

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