Maine. YOU did it again for Markathon. This year was a very different year for this annual event. Not being able to have guests in the studio was tough. It was really Mark Curdo by himself, all week. But YOU all kept him going on the CYY phones and through the CYY app and website with all your fantastic requests. Local businesses from all over Maine donated great items for the Markathon Auction. There were amazing interviews with Wolfgang Van Halen and our favorite Maine guy, Bob Marley. And most importantly, we had inspiring stories from families of the Center for Grieving Children. Put that ALL together, and Markathon 2020 was certainly one of the most meaningful Markathon's we've ever had.

MARKATHON RAISED OVER $40,000 for the Center for Grieving Children


At the end of the day, Markathon really shows what the Power of Music, Family, and Community can do.

We thought this tweet said it all...


With this year's incredible final number of $40,000 raised, Markathons have now raised a total of $ 600,000 for the Center for Grieving Children

Thanks to the amazing sponsors for this year's Markahon. You all are inspiring business and community leaders for being part of this with us:

Partners Bank     


Portland Glass                                                                   

Casco Federal Credit                                                       

Full House Sales and Lease                                                      

North Atlantic States Council of Carpenters         

Golf and Ski Warehouse                                               


lil wayne

And then there's this guy. Mr. Mark Curdo. Mark didn't leave the studio for 100 hours. He slept on the floor at night. He took every phone call. He played every request. He is Maine's Superman. Thank you, Mark. Now go take a well-deserved long winters nap.

                           THANK YOU MAINE! WE LOVE YOU!



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