Police discovered missing WCSH-6 meteorologist Tom Johnston deceased in Auburn and don't suspect foul play was involved at all. 

When the news broke that WCSH-6 meteorologist Tom Johnston was missing on Thursday afternoon, the first response was shock. How could this be? Was it even real? The unfortunate reality of the situation struck home late on Thursday night when Johnston's body was discovered by police in Auburn.

According to the Sun-Journal, Johnston's body was discovered by police with assistance from the Maine Warden Service. Police believe that Johnston's death was a likely suicide and that foul play was not a factor.

The 46-year-old meteorologist had taken over the high profile position on the 6 p.m. NewsCenter telecast by Joe Cupo after he retired. Johnston was well-liked on social media, specifically Twitter, where his handle of "TJ Thunder" had garnered him popularity.

Concern began to spread through social media on Thursday afternoon when the Old Orchard Police Department released a flyer indicating that Johnston was officially a missing person. His last known contact with friends and family came Saturday night, when he emcee'd a gig at Sunday River.

Police did not release the location in which they found Johnston's body on Thursday evening. They also did not disclose the exact circumstances which led them to believe his death was a suicide.

Our condolences go out to Johnston's immediate family as well as his media family and our friends at WCSH-6.

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