Recently, there was an article posted on Reddit called, "Lewiston, Maine, Named One of the 15 Cities in America to 'Stay Far Away From'.

Lewiston is my city and I am proud of to live here. This city has had its share of contentious critics throughout the years. The article describes the city as dirty and you feel the need to shower after you drive through.

Dear Reddit Poster,

Let me start by saying, if you feel dirty while driving, it may be a personal problem. Just joking in a good fun because that's what we do. We're pretty blunt in this town, so if you give it, we'll take it, laugh and then give it right back. So buckle up.

There are always going to be streets and spots in a city that give you a bad feeling. I challenge you to find one city in the U.S. that doesn't have a cringe-y area.

The human brain tends to focus on the negative more then the positives. For every bad thing you see, ten good things happen. You have to open your eyes to see it.

Let me let you in on a little secret, there is darkness everywhere, if you let yourself become affected by that, then you won't be able to see the light. And blaming an entire city for that, is foolish.

Energy is transferred and when something bad happens somewhere, then sure, you may get an unwelcomed feeling while visiting that certain place. But good also happens too, way more then the bad.

Every crack on every building, every hole on the roads, every "dirty" spot we have, isn't a blemish or a break, it's a battle scar.

We, as humans, are judgmental and brutally honest, but judging an entire city for an uncomfortable "drive through" is not something I will hold weight to. One-sided opinions, are ignorant.

Next time you drive through Lewiston, look at the flowers, the new businesses, the events, the smiles, the energy, and that "Lewiston fighting spirit" that we all possess.

My city is not dark, it's not broken, or dirty, or unwanted, Lewiston is a survivor. She has had her struggles, but she continues to persevere and be a home to many people.

Lewiston houses humans from many different places all around the world. She's a city that's not afraid to take the leap and will challenge anyone to not love it when you really get to know it.

The people of Lewiston are warriors. We will feed you, love you, clothe you, teach you, and show you who we are, if you gave us a chance.

I am tired of this negative spotlight on a place that has given me an abundance of courage through my experiences here.

It's hard to speak on all of the reasons why I love Lewiston because there are so many. But the most vital part is our people.

Lewiston may be a little rough around the edges but that's are style.

We can withstand anything you throw at us.

If you mess with one, you mess with all. We may be "dirty" but that's what makes us strong.


Lizzy- Proud Resident of "The Dirty Lew"

Below is a gallery of some of the uplifting experiences that I've had in my community.

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