Throughout the 90's, viewers of Comedy Central and the Sci-Fi Network encountered an oddly enjoyable show called "Mystery Science Theater 3000". For more than 11 years, the show received critical acclaim before finally ending in 1999. Last year, Netflix decided it was time for a reboot. And now, Mystery Science Theater is hitting the road for a nationwide tour to celebrate their 30th anniversary, including a stop in Portland, Maine on Tuesday, October 9th at the State Theatre.

If you've never seen MST3k, the plot was thin. A janitor named Joel Robinson was trapped and held against his will and forced to watch B movies by mad scientists in a twisted attempt at world domination. In the process, Joel crafted robot friends, Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot to keep him company. In the reboot, Joel has been replaced with Jonah, who is now enduring a similar fate.

The nationwide tour will feature appearances by both Joel (the show's original creator and star) and Jonah (the reboot's star) as well as Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot. Awful B movies will be watched, fun will be had and all our nerding will be endorsed.

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