It's like Auburn never had fast food before...


Yes, yes, yes...I know it is very exciting having a Chipotle in Auburn and even better - a drive-thru! But is burrito in a drive-thru worth waiting 42 cars deep? Some would say, absolutely and some went to the next mexican food drive-thru:

Joshua Tice
Joshua Tice

Taco Bell! Thank you Joshua Tice for taking some pictures of the madness, and making the observation that yes - you could settle for Taco Bell. I bet Taco Bell has never been happier to get the leftovers of those just a little too frustrated to wait any longer for their Burrito Bowl.

But, it's pretty brilliant for Chipotle to add a drive-thru window. With restrictions continuing into the distant future thanks to Covid, drive throughs are more and more popular. Have you noticed waiting in longer and longer lines at places you never had to wait that long? It's safe, it's yummy...we just aren't sure if it's all that fast anymore.



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