For a quiet place, New Hampshire can be awfully loud.

Most recently, residents in Portsmouth took to the town’s Facebook group to discuss strange noises coming from the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in the middle of the night. Alas, any and all conspiracy theories were promptly put to rest.

An official for the Shipyard told the Seacoast Current the sounds were simply from a construction project designed to upgrade various facilities.

But while this mystery was quickly solved, there remain several instances in which Granite State residents heard something strange – but never found out why. Or what.

Just this past summer, a man in Jaffrey came upon a bizarre pit in the middle of the woods. As if that weren’t enough, he noticed strange noises – growls, even – coming from the bottom.

Videos of the discovery went viral on TikTok, but when the puzzled hiker went down to investigate, the noises stopped (and nothing was found).

Residents in Andover, New Hampshire took to Reddit to discuss what sounded like a ship’s horn making its way through the White Mountains. Some said it could be a dam that is releasing water, or even someone modifying actual ship horns in the middle of nowhere so as not to anger a densely populated area.

In the winter and spring of 2022, several Seacoast area towns reported a loud boom that turned out to be “frost quakes,” caused by sudden deep freezes in the ground.

But perhaps the strangest noise was actually solved. Kind of.

In 2001, residents of Danville, New Hampshire, reported hearing strange cries and shrieks from the woods. Upon investigating, the town’s fire chief saw what would soon be known as “The Devil Monkey” zipping through the woods.

Despite weeks of panic, however, the creature was never found, and the sounds eventually stopped (for now...).

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