A popular Portland Thai restaurant is expanding into a new market.

According to the foodie folks over at Portland Food Map, the owners of Dok Mali have leased a restaurant space across the Casco Bay Bridge in South Portland. The location is right in a popular section of Ocean Street.

The space used to be home to Judy Gibson, which abruptly closed its doors back in November of 2023. It will have some very popular neighbors, those being Sopo Seafood and Cafe Louis, two of the hottest restaurants in South Portland.

According to Portland Food Map, Dok Mali will slightly stray from its Portland concept and focus its attention on turning its new South Portland location into a noodle bar.

This is exciting news for the South Portland community. Dok Mali has gained a wonderful reputation for delicious Southeast Asian food since opening two years ago, so it should be a great fit in a town that has embraced its new foodie moniker.

It's great to see the Portland suburb continue to attract more culinary creators. It's a town and population that clearly has shown a demand for more delicious options without having to take the trip over the bridge. Plus, who doesn't love a noodle bar? It's comfort food at its finest, something that all of us Mainers love, especially during the colder months (which is basically most of the year).

According to Portland Food Map, the Dok Mali Noodle Bar is hoping to have its doors open by the spring. You can follow Dok Mali on social media to get more information and to follow the new venture's progress.

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