Whoopie Pies? Sure. Poutine? I'd buy it.

But according to Google trends, neither of these are the most searched food item in Maine as we close in on the Superbowl; it's paella.


That's right, the Spanish stew that usually includes rice, chicken, seafood, saffron, and vegetables. Ever had it? Maybe, but is it the most popular Superbowl snack after the run-of-the-mill wings, pizza, chili, and nachos? Fat chance.

A better bet is that Mainers are flocking to Google to find out what paella is, not to find homemade recipes to fix for their big game parties. They're probably planning spring break trips to Spain and planning their itinerary (alright, unlikely) or brushing up on their worldly knowledge as a winter hobby (okay, even more unlikely.) Huh, maybe they *are* making paella to add to their greasy Sunday buffet.

Some other bizarre highlights of the mapped searches include gluten-free pretzels in Massachusetts, "pea and peppercorn mash" in New Mexico (???), and banana bread in Oregon (ever so wholesome, Oregonians.)

Here's a paella recipe, if you've got a hankerin' after all this Spanish stew talk.

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