Maine boasts a summer unlike any other state in the country. Sure, I may be biased as a born and raised Mainer but I’m not the one that named it ‘Vacationland’.

From its rocky shores, pristine beaches, and idyllic scenery, Maine is home to all your outdoor summer needs. But, like most things, this is bittersweet.

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Once you visit the state yourself or hear your friends oo-ing and awe-ing over their recent trip, the vacationland keeps you coming back. Combined with a recent push to get people spending time outdoors, Maine’s visitors in the summer are increasing at an exponential rate and while we love to share our hidden gem with others, over-tourism is not sustainable or beneficial to the land.

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Just in 2021, Maine saw more than 3.2 million visors to our 42 parks. So, In an effort to drive sustainable travel, Maine has opened a new 780-acre park to diffuse tourists from our popular destinations and ease the physical effect tourism has on our state.

NY Times has put together a list of spots where visitors can be part of the solution to these issues of over-tourism and climate change. On their list of “52 Places for a Changed World”, they put this new park in Maine: Cobscook Shores in Lubec.

Are you a Mainer? Have you heard of this? This is brand new news to me but I am ecstatic to hear about this. This is a major game-changer for my summers.

Cobscook Shores is a group of 15 waterfront parks with access to undeveloped beaches, coves, bluffs, spread across three peninsulas. The parks offer free public access for walking, picnicking, hiking, biking, camping, and my personal favorite, paddling!!

This new park combines all the things we love about our state, from the rocky shores, stretches of beaches, hiking trails, boatable bays, and paddling channels. Whatever your summer activity, you’ll be able to find a spot for it at Cobscook Shores.

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