Friday night's dinner service went on like normal but as of Saturday morning, the Olive Garden location in Biddeford informed patrons they were closed for good. 

Despite a recent downturn in the popularity of chain restaurants across the United States, Olive Garden has managed to maintain its status as one of the most visited restaurants in the country. But according to the Portland Press Herald, nobody will be visiting the Olive Garden in Biddeford any longer, as they abruptly closed their doors after Friday night's dinner service.

Reports suggest that Olive Garden simply chose to not re-new their lease at their 150 Shops Way location. That business decision has left 60 people scrambling for work and many regular customers asking, "why?".

The owners of the Olive Garden are hoping to find places for employees one of three other restaurants, another Olive Garden location and two Longhorn Steakhouses. Time will tell whether or not that comes to pass. With the Biddeford closure, more pressure may be put on the South Portland Olive Garden, which is already regularly busy.