has announced their '25 Best Beach Cities In America' and one of them is in Maine, but it's not Old Orchard Beach. Blue Hill, Maine made their list of the '25 Best Beach Cities In America'.

Here's what they had to say about Blue Hill, Maine

Why it’s great: Beach towns described as “art centers” typically are characterized by $45 olive oil and paintings that cost more than your car. Not in Blue Hill, the unspoiled beach town with textiles and household goods dating back to the 18th century at Blue Hill Antiques. Get out of town, and a hike up Blue Hill Mountain is one of the most spectacular treks in the state. Every summer the town hosts the Blue Hill County Fair, with its trademark skillet toss and livestock galore. Plus concerts from the local chamber music academy which attracts the top students from around the nation.
Must eat/drink: Pizza at Barncastle, topped with Maine farm-fresh ingredients. The place is situated in one of Blue Hill’s historic “rusticator” homes.
Don’t leave without: Taking a trip by the White family farm. As in E.B. White, the longtime New Yorker writer who authored Charlotte’s Web. Talking spiders not guaranteed.'

If you are looking for that not so packed or 'touristy' beach, take a trip to Blue Hill.

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