For fans of one of Maine's most popular beers, this has been a long time coming. Allagash Brewing took to social media to announce that the beer that made them famous, Allagash White, will finally be available in cans starting in February.

The canning rage amongst brewers has taken off in recent years with some of Maine's longest tenured brewers making the transition only recently. That includes Allagash, who had traditionally sold Allagash White in 4-packs of bottles. But as cans continued to spike in popularity amongst consumers, it only made sense to make Allagash White available in cans. They won't be small either. Allagash plans to continue their 4-pack trend, offering up 16oz cans of their delicious trademark beer.

The rollout of the cans will be happening throughout New England as well as select areas in New York and New Jersey starting in February. Allagash will hold a special can release day at their home brewery at 50 Industrial Way on February 10th. There will be food as well as live music to celebrate the release of the new Allagash White cans.

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