Over the past fours, Terlingua in Portland has gone from hopeful startup to one of the city's most popular culinary stops. And it's that popularity and need for some additional space that has led Terlingua to lease out the space left behind by Silly's restaurant right down the street from their current location.

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According to Portland Food Map, Terlingua will nearly double their capacity size with the move. Not only that, in the warmer months, the restaurant will feature outdoor dining space as well as a beer garden.

Additionally, Terlingua plans to open a small market as part of their new space. The market will sell a variety of Terlingua prepared foods for those on the run as well as some of Terlingua's signature house-made sauces and rubs that are featured on their most popular dishes.

Terlingua will stay open at its current location at 52 Washington Avenue until renovations to the former Silly's Restaurant can be completed and the "new" version of Terlingua can open up.

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