For so many restaurants and bars in Maine, the pandemic forced them to shift a highly successful business model into something that allowed them to just hold on and survive. That was especially true for restaurants and bars that specialize in nightlife, from dancing to trivia to just a neighborhood place to hang. With the announcement of indoor restrictions and mask requirements being lifted, one popular Biddeford hotspot is ready to reopen fully once again.

Shared on Facebook by Mulligans - Biddeford, the restaurant/bar has announced that they will be reopening their establishment 7 days a week starting on Monday, June 14th. As with many other places all across Maine, Mulligan's will be looking to staff in the coming weeks.

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The news of Mulligan's reopening was welcomed enthusiastically by their Facebook followers. Several people proclaimed they'll be there on opening night and one person promised to drive from Rhode Island to have a delicious dinner at the restaurant in the not-too-distant future. Mulligan's is likely just one of several restaurants/bars that will be announcing a return to their pre-pandemic operating hours in the coming days/weeks.

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