Once again, Maine is dealing with the aftermath of a catastrophic storm.

Over 300,000 homes were left without power, roads were destroyed, massive flooding wreaked havoc, and widespread internet outages affected both school and work.

But if there's anything to know about Mainers, it's that we are a resilient and charitable bunch.

I'm sure you have heard the term "Mainers helping Mainers" quite often. It was a significant theme during the Lewiston Mass Shooting fallout, and we are once again seeing goodwill gestures throughout the state.

This includes one that happened right here in my town of residence Buxton.

This little York County community got pummeled by the storm. There was considerable damage due to winds and flooding that over half the town without power. Residents needed heat and warm food. Plus, many work-from-home folks needed a place to work. That is when a popular local joint decided to step up.

Talk about great service to your community. This was just an unbelievable gesture by Roger and the entire crew over at Skip's.

Located right on Route 202, the lounge has been a staple in the town for longer than I have been alive. And gestures like this (plus, all the incredible fun you can have there) will keep it around long after we are all gone.

Power, hot coffee, warm food, free internet access, and just a place for some respite is always welcome, especially after a day or two (or three) of having to live without the luxuries of technology. And considering how many people now work from home, having a free place to work not too far from your home is a pretty big deal.

So, a serious hat tip to the crew at Skip's for looking out for their community...one that loves them very much.

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