A popular travel site recently showered plenty of praise towards one of Maine's most cherished spots, Acadia National Park.

The Pine Tree State's golden child was recently cited by Sampling America for its amazing and diverse trail network. Acadia got the nod as being one of the 13 best national parks for hiking.

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It's no surprise to see the high ranking for Acadia's vast trail network. Not only are the trails beautiful, but they are also extremely diverse. You will find everything from easy, flat hikes to some of the most difficult trails on the eastern seaboard.

In fact, you can basically spend an entire week in the park and never repeat a hike. That's because there's over 150 miles of hiking and carriage trails in Acadia. That's one heck of a number, considering it's not necessarily a large park.

The true cherry on top is the views. Acadia has some of the best you will find. Rocky shorelines, secret ponds, incredible mountaintop scenes, and gorgeous lakes await, and you can take plenty of pictures of them.

Scenic view of the awe inspiring nature's landscape in Acadia National Park
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But don't just take my word for it. Here is a little of what Sampling America had to say about Acadia.

Hiking in Acadia National Park allows you to immerse yourself in the park’s stunning landscapes, including dramatic cliffs, dazzling lakes, and sandy beaches. The park’s exciting combination of mountains and ocean creates a truly mesmerizing experience, with inspirational views at every turn.

There's really no surprise to see Acadia make this list. There is a special level of uniqueness with Acadia. It's the only true northeastern spot that has all of the region's best aspects. It's just special. I'm glad to see those "from away" agree as well.

The rest of the national parks on Sampling America's list can be found here. It's a wonderful group of some of America's most amazing places.

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