It's been a pretty wild rollercoaster of weather for Maine this spring/summer. It started with a whimper, mostly cloudy, chilly days and off and on rain that left us feeling like we suddenly became Seattle. Seemingly overnight, the switch flipped and the blowtorch was turned on, leaving almost the entire state sweltering with temperatures in the upper 80's and low 90's. So can it get any hotter? Mother Nature says "hold my beer".


Courtesy of, forecast models for next Wednesday and Thursday have the heat in some portions of Maine cranking up to blistering levels. Inland portions of southern Maine have a legitimate chance to see triple digits as a high temperature, and also have a legitimate shot at investing in air conditioners if they haven't already. It won't exactly be chilly in the rest of the state either, most of Maine will sit in the mid 80's for both Wednesday and Thursday.


If you're all about the heat, this is a perfect time to think about using a couple vacation days to spend beachfront. If you're anti-heat, there's always Facebook or Twitter to complain that summer is too long and Fall needs to hurry up and get here.

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