Call it the end of an era for the Woodfords Corner favorite in Portland. Valley Chinese Cuisine, which has long been a favorite for take-out in Portland, will close its doors for good as of February 1st.

This will come as some fairly shocking news for lovers of the Chinese food favorite. So why is it closing? Well, sources tell us, the owners just want to retire. For those that frequent the establishment, they know it has been a family owned and operated restaurant. You could pop in for lunch or dinner at any hour and see the same faces behind the counter. The long hours and strenuous seven-days-a-week schedule led the owners to decide that it's time to move on.

It was the terrific service and delicious food that made Valley Chinese a go-to for many in Portland. In fact, some people who moved to surrounding towns still made the trip back into Portland just to grab their Chinese food from Valley. Their last operational day is set to be January 31st.

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