You could argue that the restaurant scene in Portland has never been more competitive than it is right now. And in the past couple summers, there's been another, quieter competition bubbling under the surface in Portland. That competition has been for outdoor seating. There has been plenty of annoyance, anger, and frustration from many restaurants about limitations and rules. So the City of Portland is planning on trying something new this summer that will transform parking spots in premium outdoor seating.

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According to the Bangor Daily News, Portland will approve a limited number of parklets, an idea that has become popular in other major cities, including Montreal. It would allow restaurants with limited or no outdoor space at all currently to buy up a parking spot adjacent to their business for $5,520. That number comes from the City of Portland in the amount they believe they would have collected if the spot hadn't been occupied by patrons.

The parklets in Portland will have additional requirements including a platform off the pavement as well "curb stops and other tools" that will help remove the diners from nearby traffic. The city estimates that a parking spot will be enough room for two outdoor dining tables, although there is no maximum set in stone.

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