One of the more frequent vacations taken by people from Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont is to the beautiful and not too big Canadian city of Montreal. Montreal is known for its fantastic arts district, large array of restaurants and, similar to Portland, its vast amount of drinking establishments. A recent move passed by the city council in Montreal will make the city largely different from many in the United States because now a select number of bars in the city will now stay open until 6am.

Depending on your perspective, this could be taken as a good or bad thing. If you've ever visited Montreal, you know that its quite easy to find yourself awake and engulfed in the city nightlife well past 3am. The move passed by the city council is on a trial basis. Montreal will allow a select group of bars to stay open on a nightly basis until 6am from June 12th until July 5th. If all goes well and no additional problems arise, the move could become permanent.

The entire list of bars with the exemption can be found here courtesy of of the MTL blog. If you're traveling from Portland, you can typically make it to Montreal by car in about 5 hours. And now the best part might be, you never have to sleep when you get there!

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