Another February, another snowstorm. We're not out of the winter woods yet!

We will be on-air and online 24/7 keeping you up to date with everything you need to get through this first big snowstorm of 2021. Here are the up to the minute closings from our news partners at WGME.

High winds are also playing a big part in this Nor'easter. CMP is giving us the real-time data

This storm is certainly a whopper, but doesn't even get close to some of the biggest February storms evah:

February 25-27, 1934     This 4-day storm dropped 23 inches of snow on Portland. The temperature was about 10 degrees and most of Portland Harbor was frozen. There are pictures of people walking from Portland to Peaks Island!

February 17-18, 1952     “The Great Blizzard” dumped 25.3 inches of snow on Portland, and 3 feet in northern Maine. Winds gusted to 65 mph.

February 9-10, 1969     This two-day doozy dropped 21.5 inches of snow in Portland on winds gusting to 54 mph.

February 6-7, 1978       It only snowed a foot but the wind gusts of over 100 miles an hour made it a white hurricane.

The largest February storm ever... was also the biggest Maine snowstorm of all time! It was 2013 with Winter Storm Nemo. On Feb 8th and 9th, Portland International Jetport saw 31.9 inches of snow, and Gorham got pummeled with 35.5 inches. Winds gusted around 50mph. It took forever for this storm to clear out.

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