Apparently, he doesn't know State Police cover the NH strip of I-95 like a blanket.

According to the Portsmouth Patch, The New Hampshire State Police Special Enforcement Unit was monitoring traffic on the Seacoast Sunday when they allegedly found a live one, to the tune of 126mph.

19 year-old Alexey Kidney, of York, Maine, was reportedly caught driving a 2019 Nissan Altima "at an extremely high rate of speed" in a posted 65 mph zone.

The trooper in the air radioed to troopers on the ground, and the vehicle was pulled over in Greenland, according to Patch, and Kidney was charged with reckless operation.

Not that we condone speeding of any type, anywhere. However, anyone who has had a drivers license for more than 20 minutes knows you do not press your luck on Interstate 95 in NH. It's under 20 miles long and constantly monitored. Seriously, when is the last time you traveled that stretch of highway, and DIDN'T see an officer in the median? Certainties in life: Death, taxes, and a hyper-patrolled 95. 

Alex learned this Sunday, and is due in court next January.

Why was he reportedly travelling 126mph?

According to CBS 4 Boston, he allegedly told State Police he was going so fast because he was “a little late for work.”

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