People in Maine grow accustom to the people they watch on the local news, because they've been a part of our lives for such a long time. When news reporters come to Maine, they tend to stay and we start to feel like we know them as a friend.

That's certainly the case with Chris Rose of News Center Maine who is leaving after 32 years to take a position with the University of New England communications department.

Chris started at WCSH in 1986 as a producer and then went on to become a reporter covering so many stories that affected the lives of Mainers.

News Center Maine's Pat Callaghan, himself a nearly 40-year veteran of WCSH, wrote a tribute to Chris, saying of his colleague and friend, "...if we gave an MVP award to a News Center reporter, Chris Rose would be in the running every year. He's already a bona fide legend, having been inducted into the Maine Association of Broadcasters' Hall of Fame last year."

Congratulations Chris on your new endeavor and thank you for bringing the people of Maine the stories that kept them connected with their state for 32 years. You're a class act.

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