Palace Playland along Maine's popular Old Orchard Beach has long entertained tourists and locals alike. The classic amusement park opened in 1902 with the nation's first carousel called Noah's Ark.

Vintage postcards and photographs show the original Palace Playland in it's full glory. It's comforting to see that even back in the earliest days of Old Orchard Beach, fried clams, french fries, and souvenirs were part of the OOB experience.

Just behind this building boasting delicious beachside treats is the classic wooden roller coaster. The wooden roller coaster was the last standing in Maine at the time. Library Archives/Saco Museum

The original Palace Playland and famous wooden roller coaster was destroyed by fire in 1948. The destructive fire started on the Old Mill ride and spread to the wooden roller coaster and other surrounding rides and buildings. Summer cottages, game stands, bathhouses, and other rides were a total loss after the fire.

Palace Playland has been rebuilt and transformed several times since it's earliest years. Another devastating fire followed in the 1970s and Palace Playland was rebuilt yet again for all OOB tourists to enjoy.