Shimon Moore has a lot of history with CYY and Portland dating back to 2007. A lot of time has gone by and a lot of things have changed since they first started coming to Portland over eight years ago. Playing shows here, mingling with fans and getting eyebrow tattoos with a much "huskier" me.

He's been hard at work on new music since his departure from Sick Puppies and his acoustic performance here in Portland last December at Asylum. Expect a full album of new material at some point but let's in the meantime, let's start with the new single from his new band Screaming At Demons. "Rockstar." is a big sounding, guitar driven track with the big voice we remember well from Sick Puppies.

There's a very cool charity organization that Shim is part of that you'll learn more about when you watch the video below. According to the Homeless Rockstars website:

"We extract and expose the inner rock star of the homeless, to themselves, their local community and beyond.  This restores hope and self esteem to the Rock Stars and it repairs the relationship between the community at large and the homeless."

The only way to purchase the tune “Rockstar” is to text “ROCKSTAR” to 91999 and donate to the Homeless Rockstars charity. Screaming At Demons will then in turn email “Rockstar” directly to your phone.



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