Without having a dashboard to display his parking pass properly, a Portland resident was given parking tickets. But is it fair?

The parking game in Portland has become one un-fun mess over the last decade. In the past couple years, the City of Portland has begun removing the classic parking meters that only accept coins in favor of newer, automated machines that accept debit/credit card payments and dish out temporary parking passes. Those passes instruct that they must be placed visibly on your dashboard. But here's a question; what if you don't have a dashboard?

Enter in Portland resident Jeff Purcell, who took a picture of him receiving multiple parking tickets from the City of Portland despite having a valid parking pass. The issue at hand is that Purcell didn't properly display his parking pass, thus he received a ticket. But as Purcell points out in his Facebook post, where exactly is he supposed to display his parking pass considering his vehicle doesn't have a dashboard?

Some may argue that he should have placed it outside of the car for the meter maid to see more clearly. Perhaps under a windshield wiper? But anyone that has parked in downtown Portland will vouch that one swift gust of wind and bye bye goes the parking pass. So what other options does he have? And should those tickets he received be thrown out until the City of Portland can come up with a more conclusive policy of display for those residents who do not have a dashboard in their vehicle.

What do you think?

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