There's just something about a moose that draws people in. They are majestic and many people can live their entire life in Maine and never once spot one in person. That's why photos of moose are so popular in Facebook groups, including the MAINE Wildlife group, where David Belanger shared this incredible gem.

There's no question this photo looks like it was pulled from a Disney movie studio, with snow on the ground, and a mist behind the two moose that are featured. But what really brought some excitement with this particular photo is that it looks like the two moose are kissing. It's just the angle, but as that holiday spirit is setting in for all of us, we can just imagine that moose kisses are a thing, right?

So let's do just that. Sit back and imagine that this time of year is meaningful to the moose of Maine and that while roaming their vast territory on a chilly autumn morning, one moose tries to sneak in a kiss on another moose. That seems like something that is totally Maine to us.

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