For something that's supposed to help you relax, officials all across the state of Maine can't quite swallow the chill pill when it comes to legal pot yet.

The latest in this "blazing" hot topic comes from South Portland, which is already taking steps to limit the reach of the budding marijuana industry in Maine. The Portland Press Herald reports that a new zoning proposal in the town would limit the locations where pot shops could be opened to that of the Maine Mall area, and the Broadway area near the Scarborough town line.

The Portland Press Herald states that proposal is accompanied by a "sensitive uses buffer" policy that requires shops to be at least 1,000 feet away from houses and apartments, schools, rec centers, other marijuana related businesses and more. I can already picture city officials in high visibility jackets walking around with those ridiculous distance-measuring wheels.

In reality, though, I don't think these restrictions are going to harm marijuana shops too much. The Maine Mall already has an enormous amount of traffic going through it, so it's not like they'd be keeping it away from anyone... Unless of course you wanted to get your fix on Black Friday. NOT RECOMMENDED.

Read the full story by the Press Herald here.

How do you feel about the mounting regulations against the marijuana industry in Maine? Tell us how you feel in the comments!

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