If you're on Twitter and not following Spose, you might want to change that. Mixed between a little bit of self-promotion, Spose isn't afraid to give his opinions on the Celtics, politics and rap battles. But it was a particular story he shared about an encounter with a stranger at the Maine Mall that made us do a double-take.

A little bit of quick addition/subtraction by Spose and already he's pulling truthful answers out of a random stranger like Keith Morrison on Dateline. Continue....

Solid life plan. Probably, definitely going to work out with no issues whatsoever. But if you think Spose is being a little unfair here, there's more.

Stranded at the Maine Mall without a phone charger. Not ideal. Thankfully this random stranger with a penchant for sharing some pretty significant personal details about her life was there to bail Spose out of the dreaded "low-power" mode on his phone.

But you may be asking...how did this random encounter even take place?

Tattoos bring the world together. Thank you for the story Spose. You may be Maine's version of Anthony Bourdain, uniting us all.

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