Spose Goes Off On Trump
One of Maine's best-known musical acts shared all of his personal thoughts and feelings on Twitter after Donald Trump was elected America's next President.
Booze Cruise with Spose & Gutter
Booze cruisers got a couple of surprises throughout the evening, including Spose singing his big CYY tune "Alternative Radio" with Hello Newman. Then at the tail end of the night while performing Sublime's "What I Got", Spose once again took the mic, this time with Dave Gutt…
New Spose "Alternative Radio"
It's unlikely you haven't been exposed to this talented young dude from Wells, Maine. What you may not know is Spose is a long time CYY listener, which is one of the many reasons we love having him on the air...his nerdy passion for the music shows right through when he's on the mic. …

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