For decades, the small town of Acton, Maine has allegedly had a spiritual visitor who seems to be looking for its lost leg on the beaches of Loon Pond.

Of all the ghost stories and dark stories you'll find in the state of Maine, this may be the saddest. For years now, there's been a story of people spotting a "glowing, three-legged dog" on the beaches of Loon Pond in the late hours of the evening. That dog, often described as a Husky, appears to be limping along, desperately searching for its 4th leg.

According to the Portland Press Herald, there doesn't seem to be a consensus as to why the ghost pup is seen on the edge of Loon Pond. Perhaps that is where the dog lost it's life or perhaps that's just where the dog lost it's leg. What does seem to be consistent, is when the dog has been seen most often. Reports of the three-legged have consistently been logged between midnight-1am.

In a world of terrifying ghost stories, this one rates as one where you wish you could help. Then again, maybe it's best to sit back and let the three-legged Husky dog, who as far as we know has no name, find what's lost on it's own.


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