Call it a ghost story or call it a legend that is told to scare children. Whatever you want to call it, one thing is certain, Biddeford's City Theater doesn't deny that some sort of spirit has been watching over the space for the last century or more. What do you believe?

The story behind the ghost or ghosts that inhabit the historic space starts back in 1904. According to reports, a gorgeous young singer named Eva Gray was performing her third encore in front of a packed house on Halloween Eve when she suddenly collapsed on stage. She was rushed backstage where she eventually died in front of her 3-year old daughter.

Since then, there have been countless stories of people catching glimpses of a singer prancing around backstage. Additionally, people have heard the voice of a child calling out for their mother on a number of occasions, perhaps the very child Eva left behind at such a young age.

But there's also a second story of a ghost that watches over the City Theater. As legend goes, this one involves a man named Mr. Murphy, After the theater had transitioned to showing movies in the 30's and 40's, Mr. Murphy was allegedly the caretaker with a firm hand. He was so committed to the job, that after his death, people still believe they hear, see, and FEEL him watching over them when they are operating the theater. True? That's anyone's guess.

For years, patrons of the City Theater have reported flickering lights, odd sounds and even seeing eyes move high above the stage inside the building. You can read a firsthand account of some of the odd encounters courtesy of Castle of Spirits.

Care to spend some time with a pair of friendly ghosts?