Imagine if you could just whisk yourself away to the biggest and best summer camp that totally revolves around beer. Sounds good, right? Well you'll ACTUALLY have the chance to do that on June 3rd at Thompson's Point, when Sierra Nevada brings their world renowned Beer Camp back to Portland.

The festival is America's largest craft beer celebration. Every single brewery in the country is invited to attend, and because the event is so huge, it's only held in eight cities across the map each year. Portland had a chance to experience beer camp three years ago, and will once again have the opportunity.

We'd list the breweries who are involved in the Portland stop, but it literally would take the entire page. If you're someone who needs to know, here's the list. Most brewers are expected to bring specialty beers that you probably haven't tried before and since all tastings are included with a ticket, it could turn into a wild night.

Per the norm at craft beer festivals, there will be food and entertainment. Live music from Chris Ross & The North as well as Spencer Albee will be on the stage. There will also be more than a dozen food trucks on site to quell your appetite as well.

The event goes from 6-10 p.m. on Saturday, June 3rd at Thompson's Point. There are VIP passes available for those that want to begin their tasting one hour earlier. Cheers!

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