The 24th annual Great Falls Balloon Festival is happening this weekend in Lewiston/Auburn and for the first time ever, will have two new Star Wars themed balloons for people to enjoy. Those two balloons, one of Yoda and the other of Darth Vader took flight early this morning with hundreds of onlookers snapping pictures. Some of those photos from social media:

That included the Mayor of Auburn Jonathan LaBonte, who posted an amazing shot of the shadow of the Darth Vader balloon engulfing a farming field in the twin cities from his Twitter account:

The balloon festival has consistently been a large attraction for the Lewiston/Auburn area. This year, the festival will be held for the entire weekend, with different activities and attractions planned for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You can check out the schedule of events right here.

Those activities include balloon rides, which WMTW reporter Cristina Frank got to enjoy first hand. Check out some of her photos from Twitter:

But for those who can't be there today, perhaps the coolest thing to enjoy is this time lapse video courtesy of Katie Bovoso of WCSH-6. Despite hot air balloons being around for ages, there's still something distinctly fascinating about them.

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