Instagram comedian Matt “Schmutz” Lyons has a running series of videos with the theme "Every person who...". He basically rips on people who do certain things in a sort of passive-aggressive way by pretending to be one of those people.

You want an example? Okay, I'm here to help. Here's his take on every person who drinks pumpkin beer.

According to Matt's Instagram bio, he currently lives in Boston, so he's probably very familiar with Portland and how it is so different than the rest of New England. People have been moving there in droves, and he decided to post a video on Instagram demonstrating what "Every person who moves to Portland, Maine" is like.




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I have to say, I think he nailed this right on the head. The cobblestone streets are nice, but they will destroy you if you don't watch your step. Even though many are closed off to vehicular traffic, I recommend the sidewalks instead.

Getting a used pickup with a broken tail light is perfectly Maine. In Portland, however, I don't see a whole lot of pickup trucks with broken tail lights. Go to Oxford County, though, and you'll see one in one out of 10 dooryards. It's pure Maine.

As for having 75 flannels, well, I'm guilty of having five. But I'm cool with that. It's a Maine thing I'm not ashamed of.

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